At Leadership Coach, Inc, we believe that everyone is a born leader. We all have the basic tools necessary to lead ourselves and others to success. But, we must learn how to connect with our leadership. We must practice how to lead. Leadership mastery is achieved through an advanced effort to identify, understand and apply the tools you already have. Leadership mastery is attained through the rigorous application of what we know into what we do.


How you live, is how you lead. The first person you must confidently lead is yourself. By learning the elements of self-leadership, leaders can competently elevate their influence to include others.  Leadership is an internal discovery that leads to external results in our organizations, communities and lives.  The great leaders are the ones who have wrangled their own minds before ever attempting to garner followership from others.


You must know your team. You must understand their areas of challenge and excellence. You must be involved and on the ground floor. Employees today demand to be developed. They demand to be better for having worked with you. We are coaching experts at The Manager School. We know that exceptional organizations have exceptional coaches. Our coaching program cultivates the best coaching minds and talent.  If you want your organization to win, you must invest in creating winners. This is what we do.

Leadership Coach Certification: Our certification is a robust and challenging program, complete with advanced coaching techniques and practices.  Designed for Managers, Coaches, HR and Learning Professionals.

One on One:Exceptional coaching lifts performance. Hire a coach and just watch what impact it will have on your leaders and overall organization.  1:1, Face-2-Face or with groups. We create irreplaceable leaders.  Try it. You’ll see.

Leadership Learning:  Customized leader learning programs that include a sustainability plan.  Working with us is a partnership, not an event. Teaching doesn’t translate into learning. Practice and application do. That’s what we do.

Assessment:  Customized coaching and leadership 360 assessments.  Find out the truth about what’s going well and what isn’t. It’s the only way to make a plan that will work. 

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